I've seen the logo everywhere on these social networks, keep pushing the name is catchy, I see the vision... Over Time Grind. I Like that... I'm on my OTG.
Rick Ross
- CEO/Rapper Maybach Music Group

About Us

We are voting members at N.A.R.A.S (Grammy Association). Our Publishing Company Midwest Ill Muzik Group has over 200 Television Placements Including a Theme Song to B.E.T’s Tiny and Toya 2. Their most successful Original Series Show.  In 2013 we were named #25 of the Philadelphia Power 30 Music Mogul List by Urban Celebrity Magazine. We have worked or promoted legendary Ruffhouse Records, Celebrity Dj Damage (Revolt Tv Host), The Philly Hip Hop Awards, Grammy Award Winning Helen Bruner & Terry Jones, Asia Sparks, Trakteam Media, Batcave Studio’s, Thelma B. Wright (author, A&E), The Mixx Magazine, City Blue Inc., Phillybass’d Records, The Next Soul Star, Black and Nobel, Freeway, Gillie Da Kidd, Tone Trump, Dj No Phrillz, Jazz U Up Studio’s and many many more!


We are a real time solution to your companies Social Media Needs. Providing Interactive social media campaigns across 6 social media platforms creating millions of impressions monthly. We are the leaders in the Philadelphia market and quickly becoming one of the top consultants for social media marketing, mobile marketing, branding, brand establishment, and brand awareness. please contact us if you are interested in a custom package suited to your needs.

Over Time Grind is the best Promotion Team in Philly!
I use Over Time Grind to build my website, promote my books, and shows! Best in Philly!
VP Ruffhouse Records/ Author
We signed Over Time Grind in 2009, they have provided us with hundreds of top quality compositions! Professional fast turn around!
MC Lyte
MC Lyte
Dj/Rapper/Radio Host

Lyric Video Examples

We can create engaging Lyric Video’s for Artists, and Record Labels! Lyric Video’s are engaging ways to work with your fans and teach them the words!


We can create a promotional commercial with your content. We can add any kind of music and stock footage to make your campaign stand out!

Billions of Impressions created through Social Media!

Our Social Media Team is amazing!

  • Twitter Promotion

    Twitter Promotion

    We create millions of Impressions daily utilizing our special Algorithm! We have 220k Twitter Followers and growing daily, Our sharing matrix creates real exposure for our clients

  • Blog Distribution

    Blog Distribution

    We can take a RSS feed from your site and feed it to our social media. We take the best keywords and tag them to your posts to make them searchable! Creating new leads and fans to your website automatically!

  • <Br>Instagram Promotion

    Instagram Promotion

    We are one of the first to utilize Instagram to build brands visually! We have given contests and utilized video since the first day it was implemented. We have helped build some of the biggest brands.

  • Over Time Grind is the best Promotion Team in Philly!
  • I use Over Time Grind to build my website, promote my books, and shows! Best in Philly!
    - VP Ruffhouse Records/ Author
  • We signed Over Time Grind in 2009, they have provided us with hundreds of top quality compositions! Professional fast turn around!
    MC Lyte
    - Dj/Rapper/Radio Host


Welcome to Social Media Promotion. If you are here then this means you are interested in how social media promotion can work for you, or your company. We established our social media promotion / management portion of Over Time Grind Productions L.L.C in 2010. We created this to help start-up companies like ourselves to get promotion directly to their market. Social Media is the cornerstone of your web presence.

The Social Media Industry is relatively new. It is important that you understand a couple things. To effectively reach your market you need to be able to reach them when they are available. The world is a big place filled with various time zones. Our automated system reaches every follower in each time zone, all day long. Even when you are not available, what you are promoting is available to be seen. Very simply we take your tweets, Facebook, You Tube, website and make sure they are reaching your market AT ALL TIMES.

We offer Promo Blasts if you have something you need to be promoted for a week or even a month. Sign up for monthly promotion to have your links constantly streaming from various platforms. Promotion starts with weekly packages that go up to One Month. We also setup up special packages and custom promotional need best suited to your product, and offer consultation services. If you need a customized package please contact us! OverTimeGrindBusiness@gmail.com

Blog Design/Blog Creation

A Blog is a hub for your personal or business needs. With a blog you can send your consumers to a “Space” that is everything you! Blogs help brand your business and help you become a distributor of your own content. We have created over 20 blogs in the last 3 years! We can design clean, functional, mobile ready blogs your fans will love!

Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogger.

Blog Creation

Blog Distribution -

Once you have created your blog, you need to amplify it’s chances of being seen! Well don’t worry! We have a system that can take every blog post and send it out to our network! Amplifying your chances of getting traffic to your blog immediately! Already have a blog? No Problem! We can get your blog pumping out over the super information highway in 24 hours! Contact us now to stat getting REAL traffic to your blog!

Blog Distribution


A website can change the way your consumers view your brand! Websites need to be made user friendly with mobile access on all platforms! We can build, or Revamp your existing website!

HTML, Mobile, Domain Purchase, Store, Web Design

Website Consultation

Social Media Management – 

Managing your social media can be a hard task! Most people use their social media to promote their brands but forget to promote their brand! Let us help you manage your social media!

(Personal/Business Tweets) Direct Message’s, Content Distribution, Management of Content Delivery(Time, Post Count, Etc)

Social Media Management

Social Media Promotion -

We have built our fan base one by one, until it started to expand on it’s own. We proudly have a fan base now of over 250,000 people we feed content to daily! We can integrate your content into our streams giving you access to our demographic and fan base. This is a wide demographic of active social media users who have been exposed to all kinds of content therefore are open to receive new content!

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr, Strategy, Content Delivery

Social Media Management

Event Planning -

We have worked with some of the best events in the city from the Philadelphia Sound Session’s, to the Philadelphia Annual Hip Hop Awards. We have covered City Events, Live show’s and more. We have partnered with some great event planners to help provide your consumer the experience of a lifetime! From Social Media Integration, Model’s, Videography, Dj’s, Flyers and more! Let us Plan your next event!

Full Planning of Promotion, Events and Marketing Strategies.

Event Consultation

Evaluations, and Consultations -

Not sure what you need? Already have a team in place? Would you like to see a demonstration? Setup a meeting?  Well setup a evaluation where we review all of your information and suggest you the services you could use to help boost your campaign. Next we can setup a consultation, which can go further into detail how to use these services to get the best results, and the best strategies outside of these services to see success.

Consultation Services 1 hour

Music Services -

We started in music, and we will always provide musicians services to help them gain exposure! We have placed 100’s of instrumental’s on television, Distributed albums, Setup Publishing, Mixed, Mastered, Duplicated, Recorded, Promoted, Produced, and arranged music. We can help you with your project today!

Production, Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting, Editing, Arrangement, Distribution (Itunes, Spotify etc), Duplication, Mix tape hosting, Management

Music Services

Street Promotion -

Philadelphia is the 5th largest City in the United States. We pride ourselves with knowing the sections of the city to cover with promotion to help break certain business, musicians, and more. Let us help your brand grow in the streets of Philadelphia!

Posters, Flyers, Cards, Rubber bands, Stickers, and more.

Below is OUR BUY Now Services Allowing You to buy Social Media Services based off of this Package guide below!


Promotion based on 7 Days


Do you need your music submitted to a blog? Do you need a review written of your music? Well don’t look any further! We understand that being a independent artist is not the easiest task, with submitting your music to our blog it will Deliver your music to over 19,000 RSS Subscribers, and our Vast network of people who trust our site for good content!

So Stadium Status – Aggregated Blog Distributed over our Network
Address: http://www.So-Stadium-Status.com
Mobile Ready Blog, updated Daily with News, Sports, and Entertainment

We Distribute our blog through our #OTG Network, Averaging anywhere from 10,000 to 45,000 Hits per Month and growing daily. This is the perfect place to have your music submitted among other news and stories giving your music the most exposure from a variety of crowds! It also goes to our facebook fanpages, and delivered to our subscribers via -Email! After payment is verified below we will post your story within 24 hours. We will email you a link to your story so you can promote it.

Stories that get in our Top Ten on our blog, stay there for weeks! With proper promotion, you could have unlimited amount of views weeks after you pay for your submission. If you want us to Promote it go over to our Social Media Tab and there are the options!

Submission Types

If You are mobile click to call us now: Call Us and setup a Consultation Today!

Our Best Selling Brand Packages!

For needs bigger we can customize a package for you!


Social Media

Twitter & Instagram 1 month


  • 5 Instagram Post
  • 5 Twitter Blast
  • 5 Tumblr Posts
  • 5 Facebook Post
  • 5 Posts Per Week
  • limited impressions
  • *Basic Package

Promo Level 2

Add one of our blogs


  • 8 Instagram Post
  • 8 Twitter Post
  • 8 Tumblr Post
  • 8 Facebook Post
  • + 150k Impressions
  • 8 Posts per week
  • 1 Blog Post & Blast

Promo Level 3

Add more Posts


  • 10 Instagram Post
  • 10 Twitter Blast
  • 10 Tumblr Post
  • 10 Facebook Post
  • +250k Impressions
  • 5 Blog Post
  • 10 Per Week

Promo Boss

Biggest Exposure


  • 15 Instagram post
  • 15 Twitter post
  • 15 Tumblr post
  • 15 Facebook post
  • +1.5 Million Impressions
  • 10 Blog Post month
  • 15 Per Week

We will help you get fans! REAL ONES!

Social Media is not going anywhere anytime soon, statistics say that brands need to be active to maintain in today's market!


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